Jögel is a Team Sports brand dedicated to the production of quality and stylish products for both amateurs and professionals. The mission of the brand is to be committed to social fairness in sports.

We believe that:

Money is what ruins the sport. We make our products affordable and fair in price, not only for the sake of business. We want everyone to have equal opportunities, so that prodigies and talents do not give up sports because of the high cost of quality equipment, or because of embarrassment that they do not wear famous brand. That is why our products are not only affordable, but also of decent quality, and with the necessary level of media support. That's why we've got our own style, nature, approach, and that's why we're different from other brands. We appreciate originality, because we dream of supporting authentic sports teams and athletes, and that's why we want to create a community of like-minded people who share our values.