Hybrid Technology

A revolutionary technology that allows to hide the seams as much as possible and achieve an absolutely spherical shape.

TSBE Technology

The latest technology used in the production of Jögel footballs. The balls have no seams, the panels are attached to the ball by thermal action. Such balls have perfect sphericity, have a very low percentage of moisture absorption, the pressure in the ball is evenly distributed. Balls manufactured using this technology are becoming increasingly popular among professional athletes.

Deep Channel Technology

Technology widely used in the production of Jögel basketballs. Basketball is a very fast and technically challenging game. Ball control plays a crucial role, which is why Jögel pays great attention to this aspect. Small recesses between the panels (channels) allow athletes to achieve maximum control of the ball during dribbling and shots.

ACL (Absorbent Composite Leather)

Specially designed material for top Jögel balls. Made on the basis of microfiber, it has the ability to absorb moisture (sweat) from the ball surface. The ball is under control even with intense training and in any game! The use of high-tech composite materials ACL increases the wear resistance of the ball.

Grip Balance

The technology of balanced ball grip with the playground and the player's hands during dribbling or shot, thanks to the special texture of the ball surface.

Super Soft frame

The technology in particular of the frame material. Thanks to this, the ball absorbs better from the playing surface and is perfectly controlled in game moments.

Soft Touch Technology

Soft Touch technology is used in the production of Jögel volleyballs. It has two distinctive features: it provides the ball with the right bounce and gives a real pleasure from the game. The unsurpassed softness of the ball surface material imitating natural leather will be appreciated by both professionals and volleyball fans.

Dimple Technology

This technology has long proven itself on the positive side among volleyball fans and professionals. Dimple is micro-deepenings on the ball surface, which provide better control during the pass or reception of the ball by the player. The ball slides less, allowing to perform more high-quality game actions. Balls with Dimple technology have an accurate stable flight path and a predictable bounce.

Speedtech technology is a combination of lightweight materials and a dynamic boot design, which allows a football player to unleash his speed abilities.
Protection of the toe part of the boot from damage due to rubberized spraying and a special lining, simultaneously improving contact with the ball.
A special carbon fiber insert in the sole, which provides stability and support for the foot during sports.
The technology of sole material manufacture, which provides perfect grip with smooth polished surfaces and does not leave traces on the parquet.
Phylon material is used in the midsole to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system during running. At the same time, Phylon allows to reduce the shoes weight and increase the cushioning properties.
ExoGrip is a technology for the production of insoles that reduces the foot slipping inside the shoe.
An insole with an additional ribbed insert that reduces slipping inside the shoe.

This is a special development of Jögel for fabric processing, which helps athletes stay dry and feel comfortable under intense loads.


This is a Jögel technology that allows athletes to stay warm and dry during outdoor training at low temperatures.


The technology of Jögel materials impregnation, which provides athletes with protection from rain and wind during bad weather conditions.


Jögel breathable fabric technology, which helps to maintain an optimal body temperature due to the high ventilation capacity of the material.

Nigma Model
Nigma Model
Free Motion

The technology of the glove design, which practically does not restrict the movement of the fingers, which allows to get the most effective grip. The technology is an analogue of Promove used in the Wizard model.

Polar Fleece

A unique development is a special material that is inside the glove and provides a comfortable feeling inside. It creates additional softness, and also serves as a heater when playing at low temperatures.

Wizard Model
Wizard Model

Technology that provides a comfortable feeling to the goalkeeper during the game, due to a freer stroke/movement of the thumb. The essence of the technology is that latex from the backhand (back side) of the glove is not sewn in a single piece, but is divided with latex on the thumb.

Venta mesh

The technology of ensuring optimal ventilation of the hands through the use of a special 4D Mesh in certain areas. The essence of the technology is to use a breathable material in the form of a mesh, located on the backhand (back side) under latex.


The technology of wrapping the thumb with latex, thus the ball capture area is larger.